What does it mean to make the best of your situation?

There are some things we can control in life, but there are a lot of things we can’t.

Too often people get upset over things like the weather, the government, sports events, things that affect their lives for the bad, but always things that are beyond their control. Making the best of a situation means doing the things that you CAN do to improve your situation and changing how we feel about the things we can’t change.

One thing we can always control is our attitude, and we do that by managing our thoughts and our inner conversations with self.

Do you tell yourself that “The world is out to get me”, or do you say things like “Everything happens for my benefit”? One of these statements is empowering and the other makes you a victim. Are you empowered by your thoughts and actions, or are you a victim and powerless?

It’s important to know which you are. We hope you see yourself as an empowered and amazing person.

For example, when things don’t go as expected or planned in your life, what do you do? Making the BEST of every situation is what you should do.

There is always something good to be found in every situation. But it may take starting with a positive attitude and saying, “Negative things that happen in life may seem like they are hurting me, but really they are happening for me by nudging me in a new direction that is better for me.”


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