Why do Most People Fail?

Although it is a very common catch phrase to say the probability of succeeding in any online business or any MLM is small this actually applies to nearly everything in life.


Your mindset and the amount of effort you are willing to put into any job, online or offline will determine your success not the particular vehicle that you use.

There is a very old saying that says “add value first”to determine your success but too many people actually follow the principle of not giving any extra effort until they have been paid for it first. This actually has the reverse effect of creating success.


Effort and perserverance are the 2 most critical  determinants in any successful business. Like any situation  in life anyone that learns and continues to grow will gradually become more succesful. People that prefer to stay where they are, because it is easier, generally tend to blame others for their lack of success.


Success is inside of every one of us it is just a matter of how much effort you are willing to put in to make it eventuate. Once you start being aware of your inner chatter and monitor your thoughts you will start to understand some of the things holding you back (if you are being truthful with yourself).


Remember failure and blame are low energy levels while success and happiness are much higher vibrational levels. You need to decide where you want to operate then take steps to move towards where you want to go and keep on going until you get there.


John and Linda Ballis
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