Karatbars Exchange centres

This video is just to tell you a little about Karatbars K-Exchange centres and to show you how easy it is to use these centres to exchange your Karatbars gold cards for cash.

Karatbars International is a global company that allows you to exchange your paper fiat money for 1 gram, 999.9 pure gold bullion, which is physical gold that you can hold in your hand. With 1 gram Karatbars cards, currently being worth roughly $65US they are classified as currency grade gold as they are in small enough denominations that they can be used as a form of currency exchange.

Karatbars gold cards can be instantly verified as legitimate as 999.9 pure gold bullion due to the security features that are embedded in the card, including the hologram, serial number and LBMA certification stamp.



Karatbars have a worldwide K-Exchange service where you can exchange your Karatbars gold cards into cash. This is a network of exchange centres all over the world that accept your Karatbars cards and convert them to cash and where you can also purchase more Karatbars cards if you wish.

The front page of the Karatbars website has a gold calculator with the current day’s buy and sell prices.

You can get information on K-Exchange from your Karatbars website on the front page, https://karatbars.com/ .



Just click on the K-Exchange icon and this will take you to a separate K-Exchange website where you can get more information on the Exchange centres at





Once you enter the site you will see a screen where you can just select your country and then the cities that have K-Exchange centres will become available in the dropdown box.





The country tab shows all countries that are currently open and available to Karatbars. Not all of them currently have K-Exchange centres but several of the countries have multiple centres. Of course there are more centres opening every day.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and if I search Australia I get 3 options. Australia currently has 3 K-Exchange centres and the closest one to me is in Maribyrnong. If I click search the contact details of the Exchange centre come up.

This particular K-Exchange centre has a company name, address, Google map and phone number. Some K-Exchange centres also have websites.



If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you can register your basic K-Exchange package at no cost, allowing you to become a part of our worldwide Karatbars network and benefit from our international affiliates and partners.  You need to have a registered business with a physical address (store or office) then you can register to be a K-Exchange centre. You will then be able to take advantage of this growing market yourself and add another dimension to your business.

To get more details on how to do this you can download an application form from your Karatbars website at https://karatbars.com/members.php?page=acceptance_point. You need to be registered as a free Karatbars affiliate at least, to do this. You can register here. There is also a link below this video.

If you are already registered with Karatbars you can set up your company underneath yourself as long as you have all the KYC (Know Your Customer) documents to validate your business.



You can also download documents with more information on registering as a K-Exchange business at https://karatbars.com/members.php?page=docs




The K-Exchange service is just another way that shows what a valid business Karatbars is and why it is the best business you can get into today.


If you haven’t already joined Karatbars and are recognising what a powerful opportunity it is  then just opt in at

http://freedomwithcashflow.com/Karatbars/KBFWG-JandL/ and you will be sent more information.




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