Want to get more of your emails opened? Then WATCH this!

Have you ever wanted to know what the “secrets” are to getting
more of your emails opened?

In our Protection Through Gold Google “Hangout” a fortnight ago Scott
discussed how he did this with his AWeber account….

Here is a link to the hangout, if you are a member of our Karatbars team.. (log in to the PTG members area first)

Scott had so many people ask him what he did to get more of his Aweber emails opened…

So he created a video on exactly how to do this.
(like most things, it’s simple when you know how)

It’s been uploaded on the PTG Team Training members site..

Then go to ” Member Training

And scroll down until you see this..  (almost at the bottom of the page)

NOTE if you are not yet a Protection Through Gold Sales Funnel Member yet.

If you not in this business yet.. Why on earth aren’t you???

Here is a direct link to the video on YouTube for any non members..

and be sure to check out the PS’s below too 🙂


We will be in touch over the next few days…


John and Linda Karatbars



John and Linda


PS.  If you are not sure why a gold business is the best business to be in…Don’t take our word for it..  have a look at this..

Yet another independent research company telling it all

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