Which Karatbars package should I buy?

When people sign up with Karatbars a very common question that we get asked is “which Karatbars package do you think should I buy?”

When people ask this I ask them in return “why are you joining Karatbars and what do you want to get out of it?”

If you are joining Karatbars to purchase gold and are not interested in earning any extra money with it that’s fine, you can join up as a customer, but personally I don’t recommend that.

I always recommend that people sign up as an affiliate, even if they aren’t planning on signing anyone up. This just leaves the option open in the future.

When you get involved in Karatbars and see what a great way it is to purchase gold you will naturally talk to other people about it and if you are signed up as an affiliate you can always give them your link and they can purchase gold as well.


If you don’t have a package and people you sign up don’t have a package you won’t earn any dual team commissions but you will get units and eventually you will be able to purchase your own free gold with them when you accumulate enough.

If people say they are looking at earning money with Karatbars I recommend they purchase the highest package they can afford. If at all possible I suggest people start with a VIP package. The bonuses earned with the VIP package are much more than with a gold or silver package but that isn’t the real reason that I recommend VIP.

The real reason I recommend people start with VIP is the psychological effect of paying out a decent amount of money. When you feel like you have parted with a fair amount of money to get into a program you will be much more likely to work harder at it in order to recoup your money.

Mindset is the key factor to your success in any business and when you are committed you will be much more able to withstand any bumps that appear in your road. If you go in with the mindset that you are going into a “real business” your effort will be commensurate with that belief and your business will be more likely to be a success as a result.

When you buy a silver package for around $325US or a gold package for around $800US they are both decent packages and will hopefully encourage you to work the business with commitment. However, when you purchase a VIP package for over $2000US that is enough money to hurt most people if they lose it so people are more likely to push through any obstacles and make the business a success.

There is a perception when you spend more money on something that it has more value and for this reason you are far better off starting at VIP, if at all possible, if you are determined to make your Karatbars business a success.


Although it may be only perception, purchasing a VIP package will make your Karatbars business feel like a real business and you are more likely to work it like a real business and not just something to play at.

When you ask most people why they want to pursue an online business they usually say they don’t like their day job and they want to leave it. If they were going into an offline business to replace their day job they would definitely be committed to making it a success.


The perception is that you can start an online business with little or no money and become an overnight success. In reality, this is rarely the case. If you want to make any business a success, whether it is online or offline you either need to commit a fair amount of money or a lot of time and in most cases, initially you need to do a bit of both.

Most people have a perception that an offline business has more value partly because it costs more to set up, but the reality is an online business can earn far in excess of any offline business if you work it properly.

If you start with a bronze package or a silver package you will usually have the mindset that is “I will just see how it goes”. When you have this sort of mindset if the business isn’t immediately a success you will be more likely to give up as you don’t feel like you have really committed too much anyway.

This mindset component is a very good justification to start with a VIP package even if only to trick yourself into working harder.
However, having said all that the most important thing is to sign up with a package, whether it is VIP, Gold, Silver or Bronze just start with something and then start progressing with your great Karatbars business.


If you haven’t already joined Karatbars and are now ready to get started just go to the link below this video.





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