What is your success waiting for?

When you are being critical of yourself you are actually blocking your own success. Success, either financial or in any other form is an energy and the energies of SELF-criticism fall in the lower range of the energy range of the emotions.

When you have an open heart and are full of SELF-love, SELF-compassion, SELF-kindness you are actually able to create more money and success in your life by vibrating at the level that attracts money into your life.

When you are struggling financially or are trying to make a business work but are having trouble getting it off the ground it is often hard to be happy, accepting of your situation and peaceful but oftentimes just being aware is a large part of moving towards success.

When your inner critic is at work it really feels like it is protecting you, as that is the sole job of your inner critic or subconscious. You may have tried to be successful at something in the past and failed and ended up feeling sad and useless, which left you feeling vulnerable and open to criticism and hurt. Naturally your subconscious doesn’t want you to feel like that again so it forces you to be critical of yourself when you next try to do something, to make sure you stay in a place that is safe so that you won’t be hurt again.

In other words, your inner critic is protecting you from being vulnerable.

What your inner critic actually does is stops you from allowing yourself to put yourself  “out there” in a bigger way, by GIVING more of your gifts and brilliance, and everyone has them, just in different forms.

When you allow your inner critic to take hold you will keep doing the same things over and over, the same “safe” things. These will be different for different people but may be quietly working away on a website to make it perfect before actually putting it up on the web or taking another class or watching another video to further increase your knowledge before actually using the knowledge you already have.

The reality is any website or blog post or advertising banner or opt-in page will never be perfect, there can always be improvements. You will never know everything there is to know about a particular form of advertising or traffic generation.

This need to be perfect will stop you from sharing what you have already created with your amazing ideas, helpful techniques and desire to help with more people.

You will stop yourself from going out and meeting MORE people and telling them about what you do.

You will stay isolated and frozen from the very people AND actions that will allow you to help more people and make more money.

When you become conscious of what you are doing you are more likely to be able to move past your own inner critic and move towards a place of self-acceptance which will allow you to move forwards towards your own success.

You will recognise that you can actually be a resource to everyone you meet. You will speak with energy and passion about what you are doing, not from a place of having to sell them on your beliefs but because you honestly believe you can help them.

You will begin to share your gifts on video, audios and in front of groups of people because you are so bursting with caring and desire to serve that you can’t NOT do it for another second.

You may still be concerned about criticism or attack and not being perfect and you do have your feelings and emotions on the line…but this does not stop you…it can’t stop you, because you have such a drive to succeed.

And that makes money and success rejoice and show up in a continuous flow!

Money and success loves connection and serving and giving.

Money and success hates isolation!

MONEY and success arrives in response to the open heart that is fearless in its giving!

Feel into that for a minute so you can self-assess the truth in it. Because I want you to feel your own truth in this just for a minute without your inner critic having a say!

It can be much harder and takes a lot of courage to move past the stage of feeling vulnerable to put yourself “out there” but when you realise that this is actually easier than staying stuck where you currently are, this is when you will start to feel your own success.

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Mindset and overcoming your own self-critic is the key factor to your success in any business and when you are committed you will be much more able to withstand any bumps that appear in your road. If you go in with the mindset that you are going into a “real business” your effort will be commensurate with that belief and your business will be more likely to be a success as a result.

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