Is your Fear running your life?

Many people don’t realise how much energy they put into focusing on their fears. The first step is to recognise the power your subconscious fears are having on your life. Once you accept this as a possibility you will start moving towards a way to overcome these fears. Energy medicine, in its various forms is …

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Why you need your own Karatbars Gold

Let us ask you a question Do you understand what your money is worth today? Watch this video to help you understand the importance of the diminishing value of your paper currency.

The best… or nothing at all

There is a spirit that drives excellence… It can be summed up this way… “The best…or nothing at all” Does that mean everyone is going to be #1..? Does it mean everyone will make huge wads of cash..? —————– Of course not. —————– What it does mean is this….you can choose to commit to excellence …

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What is a Karatbar?

Karatbars gold cards are 24-karat Gold Bullion (999.9% currency grade gold) sold in one, 2.5 or 5 gram units that are small enough to be affordable to everyone and can be used as a form of currency exchange for your day to day purchases. There are also a number of collector cards that are made …

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Watch LIVE As $133,000 Of Gold Is Bought!

  Watch LIVE as some of our team purchase over $133,000 worth of gold in front of your eyes! ..either we are all “crazy“ (nearly 20 000 of us in our PTG team alone) or we are actually “on to something!” you decide 😉

What Happens When Your Mentor Says I Challenge you to —-

Recently our mentor said I challenge you to do 3 or 4 new videos a week, SEO them and get them online and share with your list and your networks. I have accepted the challenge and so far have managed to do just that. This short video is a little about my thought process as …

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My Why for Wanting Success with Karatbars

When you start any business you need to know why you are doing it and this is just a short video to let you know “My Why” and Why I joined Karatbars.   If you start anything in life that is going to take work then you have to have a big reason for doing …

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Death of the US DOLLAR – Don’t become a Victim {VIDEO}

For more than four years now Michael Maloney has been demonstrating to audiences around the world that every 30-40 years the world has an entirely new global monetary system, that the current monetary system (the U.S. dollar standard) is aging and becoming unstable, and, just like the previous monetary systems, will soon implode. On June …

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