Are You Saving a Deposit To Buy a House


If you are like many people these days you have the desire to buy a house but despair of ever being able to save money to buy a house.

I was talking to someone the other day who was in exactly this situation. She said her and her husband are saving everything they can and in 5 years they expect to have enough deposit to buy a house. I asked her what she thought that house deposit would be and what sort of house it would get her.

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We then had a discussion about the best way to save money to buy a house.

I told her about Karatbars and how so many people are using Karatbars to buy gold on a regular weekly or monthly savings plan, just that you are saving your money into gold rather than declining dollars in the bank.

It was at this point that the penny dropped for my friend and she asked me how she could do what I was doing and start her own gold savings plan.

If you would like to learn more about the best way to save money to buy a house and want your deposit for buying your first home to be worth more in 5 years’ time than it is today join with us and start your own gold savings plan with Karatbars today.


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