Is your Fear running your life?

Many people don’t realise how much energy they put into focusing on their fears.

The first step is to recognise the power your subconscious fears are having on your life. Once you accept this as a possibility you will start moving towards a way to overcome these fears.

Energy medicine, in its various forms is a great way to get access to and diffuse these fears that may be running your life, even if you aren’t totally aware of how this is happening.

Whether you use Tapping or EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques in its various forms or other energy techniques like NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming or Emotion Codes or even Reiki or Spiritual Healing the effects will be to access your subconscious programming and diffuse the fears that are keeping you stuck.

Here is a post I wrote recently about one fear that may be holding you back.


Fear of not being able to hold money

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