What Happens When Your Mentor Says I Challenge you to —-

Recently our mentor said I challenge you to do 3 or 4 new videos a week, SEO them and get them online and share with your list and your networks. I have accepted the challenge and so far have managed to do just that.

This short video is a little about my thought process as I worked to overcome my challenge of starting to make Youtube videos.

To see my first attempt at making a video go to Linda’s Testimonial –  Karatbars testimony for Lourens and Alby from Linda Ballis,  http://youtu.be/nM9yoH9JgFw


A video I made explaining Which Karatbars Package Should I Buy? – http://youtu.be/R1J-EA8XF3s


A video I made about How to Stay Motivated – http://youtu.be/Z96Ab255S1Q


A video with a testimonial from one of our team members Are You Still on the fence with Karatbars – http://youtu.be/M0HzShHvPsY


A video I made when we were away for the weekend explaining my big Why for joining Karatbars Why Karatbars? – http://youtu.be/8DyrkaszVsM



An animated video John made asking Would you rather have cash or Karatbars Gold? – http://youtu.be/hubqltAEykA

A video I made on the importance of cashflow and how Karatbars can fulfill this necessity of life – Karatbars Cashflow is the glue that holds everything together – http://youtu.be/lZJg4wAE8Iw

So now I challenge you with this……

Where will YOU be in 12 months from now?

Will you make a DECISION to take MASSIVE ACTION
to change your future and get FREE?

Or will you MAKE EXCUSES and still be where you are today?

Here is the reality check…YOU CAN’T DO BOTH!

For goodness sake….

Why don’t you make the decision and join us on the journey of a lifetime!!


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John and Linda