Why you need your own Karatbars Gold

Let us ask you a question

Do you understand what your money is worth today?

Watch this video to help you understand the importance of the diminishing value of your paper currency.



a $100 bill from 1913 is worth only $2 today


Now your cash paper money is just about worthless.

And the Fed will keep printing

more and more money until they are stopped.

And as long as countries keep printing Fiat money

the value of your cash paper money will only decrease.

But what if you could turn your situation around

by one gram at a time

and make your money worth more than it is today.

You may ask HOW?

The answer is by buying gold

by one gram at a time


Your cash is completely worthless

Again you may ask

HOW can I afford gold at today’s prices?

Well we have the answer

By buying gold

by one gram at a time!

This is so important


Gold is the future money

As it has been for thousands of years

For as little as $65US or 50 Euros

You can trade in your almost useless paper cash

for something real

Something you can hold in your hand

By buying gold

by one gram at a time!

Welcome to Karatbars

LBMA “London Good Delivery Gold”

99.9% Currency grade gold

Now priced for the masses

in weights small enough

that everyone can afford

to use as a form of exchange

by one gram at a time!

Gold which keeps its value over time

And can be stored securely

And is easily accessible

Just like a savings account

But a savings account

That is backed by

Your own Gold

This is a savings account you can count on.