Discover The SECRET To Happiness And Success

We want you to take a second out of your day and imagine something.   … forget all your daily stresses and just STOP for a moment.   Imagine you had the opportunity of a lifetime, where you had the answers to become successful and accomplish your goals.   Wouldn’t that be great?   STOP imagining.

Protection Through Gold Team Advertising Co-Op results

As part of our Protection Through Gold Karatbars team we have been running an advertising Co-op where you pay your money to a central source and your particular URL is placed on a rotator with all other URL’s that are being advertised by other fellow team members. This is a great way to get quality …

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Why GOLD? What’s the BIG DEAL with it??

Those that are in the “Know” do things that most people think are a little “Crazy”, but if we look back through history… even recent history you will see that these“Crazy People” are the ones that have become rich, stayed rich and are getting richer all the time…     Why is that???     …

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Karatbars – not a Scam

There are many people that are only too happy to say that any online business is a Scam.  Sometimes this is because they have been involved in an online business and lost money and sometimes it is jealousy and not wanting someone else to be successful. This can be conscious but it can also be …

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Failure is only a detour

In my day job I work with a company that does Lean training which teaches companies to be more efficient and therefore more productive and more profitable. One of the main principles of “Lean” is that of looking at problems as being opportunities to improve. A company that is truly “Lean” actually encourages their staff …

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Features of a Karatbars Gold Card

All Karatbars Gold cards contain a 1 gram of pure 999.9 fineness 24 carat fine gold bullion bar are embossed with an authenticity stamp from the LBMA refinery which is actually on the 1 gram gold bar have certified gold quality and weight have LBMA certification are imprinted with a unique embossed serial number assayers …

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I Have 422 Friends Yet I Am lonely – Look Up

This video is actually a love story, written by Gary Turk, told against the backdrop of the way Social Media has taken over our lives.     It is not a story about not accepting change and the advance of social media, it is a story about keeping the reality of technology in perspective.

Perspective – It Makes You Money

  We are part of a very supportive team and we have created this video on perspective and how important it is to your view on life. For those that have been on our team for some time you will know that we believe your mindset is the most important aspect of your success. If your …

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