Do you know someone that’s getting married?

Do you know someone that’s getting married?

Why not give them a gold card that saysJust Married or one that says Congratulations

This is certainly a gift that will stand out from the usual kitchenware or towels.

The new hand drawn Wedding Card comes from Artist Michael Sieger.

Marriage represents much more than the union of two loved ones.

It represents a long term partnership between two matched souls who have committed themselves to spending their life together.

What better way to bless two loved ones on their special day than with the gift of Gold.

Each card comes embedded with 1 gram of 999.99% Pure Currency grade gold!

This is certainly an incredible way to commemorate the marriage of your friend or relative by gifting them with a product that will continue to grow in value as each year passes.

To order simply login to your FREE Karatbars account, at  “

go to “Product Purchase” then go to “Special gold cards”

and then scroll down till you see the Wedding card….



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