Focus on your good points instead of focusing on your inadequacies.

It doesn’t matter what experience in life you have had, whether it’s business, either online or offline or it’s communicating with people and making friends or being good at sports. Some people will always progress faster than others, depending on their individual personalities and life experiences.

When this happens there will always be people that will say these individuals are gifted or have unfair advantages as then use this as an excuse for not achieving the same results themselves.

If you want to move ahead yourself in any area of life you must learn to recognise any negative self-criticism that you put on yourself when you compare yourself to other people. This sort of self-talk will only stop you from achieving your own success and won’t help you or anyone else in your life. After all, ask yourself do you like being around people that are complaining and drowning in self-pity or does their negative energy pull you down and you move away to connect with positive people that are giving off higher energy vibrations?

If this is the way you react to the energy being given off by other people, then that’s also the way other people are going to react to you. Why would anyone want to do business with someone that’s giving off negative energies that make you feel bad. Even if this happens on an unconscious level, you will pull away from people that don’t feel they are good enough and don’t feel successful.

Every time you interact with anyone they will be picking up subtle signals that you are giving off. This is called body language and even if you aren’t aware of it the signals are being given off and picked up constantly every day. If this is the case then why not make sure your body language is positive and upbeat then this is what other people will pick up on and react to.

You need to forget past painful experiences and setbacks in life and instead of looking on them as reasons to not try again recognise them as learning experiences and as the life experiences that were necessary for you to go through on your particular journey through this life to get you to where you have got to today. When you recognise your life experiences as that, just experiences that you can learn from then your attitude will change.

It’s very easy to say that everything you do doesn’t work, when you aren’t at a particular place that you want to be in life but the reality is everyone has difficult times in their life. That’s all part of the journey of “earth school” that we are all enrolled in. If you weren’t being given lessons to learn from then you need to ask yourself what is the reason for this experience on earth? This change of perception on how you view life will make all the difference to how you view your current circumstances and as a result the way you talk to yourself about them.

Each time you come upon a circumstance in your life that you see as a stumbling block just make an effort to change your thinking to one of the current circumstance being a stepping stone on your path to something greater. When you perceive things as a path you are on then it is much easier to see each step as just that a step along the path.

Sit down and list your good points and understand what are your good points in general without concentrating on your perception of your own inadequacies and you will be anmazed at the difference it will make.

Have a look at this video we made about your perspective on life and how you will make your perspective your reality, whether you want to or not, then just stop and think and again make a list of your good points and understand what are your good points in general,


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