Karatbars – not a Scam

There are many people that are only too happy to say that any online business is a Scam.  Sometimes this is because they have been involved in an online business and lost money and sometimes it is jealousy and not wanting someone else to be successful. This can be conscious but it can also be unconscious and a result of your own subconscious programming around money.

For many people when you talk about an online business the first thing they say is that sounds like a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi or just a general no-one makes money online. If this is someone’s deep seated belief then it is probably true they won’t make money online because their beliefs will make it a reality. Conversely if you believe in all your heart that you will succeed in making money online then you will push through all the road blocks that are put in your way because you will see them as just that, steps on your journey to work through.

Recently I came across this article from the website Fraud and Scam alert which is a website that claims to investigate Scams that people have brought to their attention. normally I don’t necessarily pay much attention to websites like this as they are often designed, like any media to be negative and sensationalist and not necessarily stating all the facts. I prefer to make my own decision and do my own due diligence.

“A) The Gold content, by total random pick of a KaratBar unit, was registered at 100% pure.  This was done by the digital read out that was personally reviewed.  The content appeared to be void of any impurities.  The man from the refinery used, said it was the purest Gold he had reviewed to date.

B)  People have reported receiving  what they ordered and getting it in a  timely manner.

C) Those involved in the project and program report they are getting paid on time and what was promised.

We are pleased with our findings thus far.  As our readers know, we do not make endorsements.  We have thus far only reported stories on scam artist. This will be the first time we have written a positive report on a company, that we feel, says they will do what they say.   The words from those investigating the Karatbars Opportunity stated they were impressed.


So if you are sitting on the fence with Karatbars and wondering if it could be as good as it seems this article should certainly push you over to the side of certainty.

As Art Williams says. Just do it!

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