Perspective – It Makes You Money


We are part of a very supportive team and we have created this video on perspective and how important it is to your view on life.

For those that have been on our team for some time you will know that we believe your mindset is the most important aspect of your success. If your unconscious beliefs are not ready for your success, online or offline then you will never achieve that success.
In the online cashflow business, like any other aspect of life you will have successes and you will have failures. They are all part of life.

We have always worked on the premise that it’s not so important that problems  and failures occur in your life as they will always exist both in your business and personal lives. The important consideration is in how you deal with these problems, disappointments and failures.

One person will see any setbacks as a reason to stop trying while another person, with the exact same circumstances, will see the opportunity of a problem as a means to learn and improve their situation. Your perspective makes all the difference.

For many people when they hear something they automatically think of other things they have done in the past and often assume the results will be the same.

It is very important to understand the saying


Your past does not equal your future.

Parts of your past may have been great, but…

The most popular kid from high school isn’t necessarily popular now.

The star quarterback in college doesn’t always make it to the NFL.

The childhood TV star often doesn’t make it to the big screen as an adult.


The nerd from high school became Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

The guy who got cut from the freshman basketball team became Michael Jordan.

The poverty-stricken abused girl from Mississippi became Oprah Winfrey.

In other words, sometimes the mighty fall, and sometimes the fallen embrace greatness. Sometimes you think that you are not enough, but then you discover that you are more than enough.


You can never expect any debt problems you have  to go away unless you actually start doing something about it. Dwelling on what has happened in the past will only stop you moving forward. It is far more useful to learn from the past and use the experience positively as you move forward.

There is nothing in your life that will change long term unless you take the appropriate action steps required to move your self towards your goals. This applies whether it is your financial life, your relationships or your health.

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