Protection Through Gold Team Advertising Co-Op results

As part of our Protection Through Gold Karatbars team we have been running an advertising Co-op where you pay your money to a central source and your particular URL is placed on a rotator with all other URL’s that are being advertised by other fellow team members.

This is a great way to get quality traffic and leads for your business. It’s also a fantastic way to build up team synergy by getting the team to take action together.

For the first co-op I used a lead capture page that was based on a capture page designed by our team leaders but adjusted it a bit and added our pictures as opt-in boxes with pictures often convert better as new prospects can relate to you better,

This capture page converted at 30% which was a fantastic result, however it wasn’t as good as some other people were getting so I decided to try a different capture page for the second co-op.

For our second PTG co-op I decided to try 2 different opt-in boxes to split test which would get better results, and

The opt-in boxes were identical except one had our picture on it and the other one had a generic picture on it. This generic picture was one we had used successfully before and fits in with out theme of “We nearly gave up until we found Karatbars”




From the time the co-op started and consistently through the first 6 days the opt-in box with our picture on it converted at between 50 – 55% which was a fantastic result. The opt-in box with the generic picture converted at between 30 – 35% which although also a fantastic result clearly showed that our picture was the better opt-in box.

However on day 6 – 8 of the campaign the results completely turned around with the second opt-in box overtaking the first and ending up with a conversion rate of 54%, compared to 53% for the one with our picture on it.

What I have taken from this is that maybe the campaign got sent to a different audience towards the end of the campaign and they responded to a different opt-in box.

This shows clearly that it is important to have a number of opt-in boxes operating at the same time as different people react in different ways. However the most important take away of all is that it is important to just do something and start advertising with whatever tools you have, test and measure and then improve on the results over time.

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Each of these different opt-in boxes appeals to different people but the most important thing is just to get your opt-in boxes out there and build your list.


As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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