How to Buy Gold Today

Most people understand that paper currency today is losing value day by day and many people as a result are looking for an alternative way to protect and grow their wealth rather than traditional savings accounts.

Gold has become the preferred means of protecting wealth for most people that have become educated in current financial realities and who recognise that the price of gold, over time, has always increased while the price of any FIAT currencies have always decreased until they reach zero.


How to Buy Gold Now 

Gold has different asset classes, the first of these is currency grade gold bullion which is stored by central banks and is certified by the London Bullion Market Association or LBMA. There are only a few gold refineries in the world that are able to produce gold to the high standard that the LBMA requires. Currency Grade Gold is the purest form of gold in the world and has a fineness of 999.9 and is 24 karats. The spot price of currency grade gold is always quoted in grams.

The other main asset class of gold is commodity grade gold which is found in gold coins and gold jewellery and gold bars. Generally items in this asset classes aren’t pure gold they are gold mixed with another metal, like platinum to make it harder and more durable. Gold, on its own, is actually very soft so pure gold isn’t suitable for something that is going to get a lot of wear and tear.

Gold stocks and derivatives are always commodity grade gold and the quality of the gold isn’t certified. Commodity grade gold can be anything from 8 to 22 Karats due to it being mixed with other metals like platinum. The spot price of commodity grade gold is always quoted in ounces.

Currently the price of commodity grade gold in ounces is roughly $1300 an ounce which as a rule makes it difficult for the average person to acquire gold.

This is why so many people are now buying currency grade gold because they can get one gram of gold for roughly $65 which is an amount most people can afford. People can set up a regular gold savings account and buy one or two grams of gold a week and they can build up their gold holdings over time.

The other reason people are buying currency grade gold in one gram lots are that this is an amount that can be used as currency in day to day transactions. It is much more difficult to go shopping with an ounce of gold that is worth $1300, especially if you are looking at selling enough gold to buy groceries.

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