Should We Buy Gold Today?

Here is just a little bit of information about a question I was asked the other day which was “Why Should I Buy Gold Now?”

The person I was talking to was thinking of buying gold but was worried that the price was too low and maybe would go lower and wanted to know “is it a good time to buy gold now?” I told her that I actually thought that the price of gold being kept artificially low is what makes it the best time to buy gold now.

Here is a short video about the reasoning behind why NOW is the perfect time to buy gold.


Should I Buy Gold Now 


In order to understand why you should buy gold you need to educate yourself on the current financial factors being played out on a global scale. There have been many times in the past when FIAT currencies have collapsed, most notably Germany after world war II and Zimbabwe just a few years ago but never before, in the history of money has there been a global currency, like the US dollar, that has collapsed. As there has been no precedence, many people remain oblivious to the financial catastrophe that is looming.

Anyone that becomes educated on current financial events will understand why this is a perfect time to buy gold, and this is something we do a lot of in our Protection Through Gold team.

As days go by your paper currency is becoming less and less valuable and can buy less each time you go to the supermarket or petrol station.

When you are trying to protect your wealth there is no better vehicle than gold which has definitely stood the test of time, for 5,000 years in fact.

There is a lot of fear in the marketplace at the moment, not only about the price of gold but about the financial stability of economies all over the world. The more countries like the Unites States print money in their efforts at quantitative easing and a desperate effort to stave off another global financial crisis, the more your paper money loses its purchasing power.

The other major factor that causes your paper money to lose its purchasing power is inflation. If Dollar Down Gold Upyou had $100 in 2009, just 5 years ago, that same $100 would be worth only $90.21 today due to the interest rate of 2.08% over that period. If you go back 10 years the $100 from 2004 would be worth only $79.08 with the average inflation rate over the period of $2.37%. If you go back 20 years the $100 from 1994 would be worth only $62.56 with the average inflation rate over the period of $2.37%. The further you go back the worse it gets.

By comparison gold has increased in value from $350 in 1994 to $400 in 2004, $900 in 2009 to $1300 today. Although the price of gold has fluctuated up and down over this time the overall growth in the price of gold over time has definitely been upwards.

This comparison should make it pretty clear that the sooner you start saving into gold the sooner you will be able to protect and increase your wealth.

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