What is the Price of Gold Now

When you are looking at the price of gold you need to be aware the gold comes in lots of different forms and each different type of gold has its own unique characteristics and its own gold price.

For example the price of currency grade gold, is very different from the price of gold that is used in jewellery or the price of gold bullion bars that are sold in ounces.

What is The Price of Gold Now 

Currency grade gold, which is what we have in Karatbars, is the asset class of gold that banks and countries use to settle their debts between each other. This is largely due to its purity and its ease of portability.

The price of gold over the last 5 years has increased from $900 to $1300.
The price of gold over the last 10 years has increased from $400 to $1300.

You can actually see the historical price of gold at goldprice.org

Currently, I believe the price of gold is being kept artificially low in an effort to prevent another global financial crisis that will be so much worse than the one we saw around 2009.

At various times in history gold has been revalued to account for the excess currency in circulation, which is a result of governments printing money. When this happens, the price of gold skyrockets.

Currently the US has a debt of $17 trillion dollars with a further unfunded liability of 240 trillion due over the next 10 years. I personally don’t think Einstein (or anyone else for that matter) can come up with a mathematical equation that could resolve this debt.

In order to account for all this debt the price of gold would have to be $15,000 an ounce which is certainly much more than it is worth today.

Although gold is currently being manipulated to prevent another financial crisis, I believe, as do many others that the financial crisis is inevitable and is only being delayed. History has shown that manipulating the price of gold to boost economies has always failed.

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This is what makes it such a perfect time to buy gold while the prices are being kept at such an artificially low level. Central banks and gold specialists all over the world are currently buying as much gold as they can as they understand the economics of the current financial situation.

We talk about the $US dollar because all currencies of the world are tied to it so whatever happens to the $US will have a flow-on effect for all currencies of the world. What this means is that when the $US collapses currencies all over the world will also collapse. This is why the greatest wealth transfer in history is so close.

Over time gold has been shown to be a great equaliser and allows currencies to get back on track.

Gold stands on its on merit for all people who understand money. It is insurance for the mistakes or boo boos in financial decisions made by governments. Gold is also a perfect tool to pass down to your children for generations to come.

That is the beauty of our Karatbars product and it is so easy for the average person to use Karatbars to acquire gold, by just buying gold at 1 gram at a time.

So, if you are now ready to protect and increase your wealth by transferring your own paper money into gold and would like to do it with a regular savings plan that is easy to afford just put your email address into the box below and we will send you information on how you can get started, http://mygoldtogo.com/.