Why Buy Gold Today

Here is just a short video about the reasoning behind transferring money / paper currency to the safety of gold and understanding why you should buy gold.

The average life expectancy of a FIAT currency is 27 years and. At this point in time we are actually on the brink of a massive wealth transfer as FIAT currencies all over the world have reached the end of their cycle and are on the point of collapse.

What is actually happening is that your paper currency is losing value faster each day as more and more paper money is printed by governments in an attempt to stabilise economies. Gold however maintains its purchasing power over time. The value of gold doesn’t actually change but as the value of your paper money decreases you need more and more of your paper dollars to buy the same amount of gold which means in reality the value of any gold you are holding increases.

If you look at the graph here you can see that due to the decrease in the buying power of the dollar one of the effects over time is that households have gone from one income households to 2 income households in an effort to maintain their same standard of living. Naturally this has a whole lot of other flow-on effects in society as well.

At the same time the buying power of gold has increased. For the last 5,000 years gold has actually been the form of money that governments all over the world have returned to when economic times have become tough and it has always been the safeguard when everything else has failed.

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