Why Should I have a Gold savings account?

Physical gold has been used as a store of value for over 5000 years and indeed is the only form of money that has held its value over time.

When you set up a gold savings account with Karatbars you have a savings account that is separate from the banking cartels and whatever political games they decide to play.

It doesn’t matter what country of the world you live in it is far better for you to take your financial future into your own hands rather than rely on your government to look after your financial future for you.

If the banking systems all over the world fail, with the collapse of the US dollar, or for any other reason then a gold savings account is independent and as a result won’t be affected negatively in the same way.


Just watch this video that explains some of the reasons for starting your own gold savings account,




Should I Have A Gold Savings Account 

This is especially true when you have the gold in your own hands as you can when you get your Karatbars delivered to you. Of course, you can also have your Karatbars gold cards stored for free in an independent facility in Frankfurt, Germany or you can pay to have your gold stored, for a price, in independent facilities in Singapore or Switzerland. Ideally you should have gold stored in each of these separate geographic locations as an added security feature to protect your wealth.

Creating a gold savings account may take a bit of a paradigm shift for some people who have not questioned the status quo before but I believe it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the reality of the global financial unrest and the imminent US currency collapse.

The average life expectancy of a FIAT currency is 27 years and the US dollar was taken off the gold standard and turned into a FIAT currency in 1971 so is well past its use by date. At this point in time we are actually on the brink of a massive wealth transfer as FIAT currencies all over the world have reached the end of their cycle and are on the point of collapse. This will make any money that is being held in traditional bank savings accounts virtually worthless.

The recent global financial crisis and its after effects and the even bigger global financial crisis that is looming in the very near future means that any savvy investor will be looking for an asset class that is independent of the current housing or stock market asset classes. They are looking for a means of protecting their savings and many are turning to the concept of turning their savings into gold savings accounts.

Even people that haven’t previously been looking at alternative means of protecting their wealth are looking at alternatives now and this is where a gold savings account, where you can change your declining paper dollars into gold, one gram at a time and save is seen as a very viable alternative to the current traditional bank savings account.

Many people don’t understand the dynamics that are involved in the precious metal asset class and aren’t financially literate in general but just like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand this lack of knowledge won’t protect them in the shifting of the financial sands that are coming.

The current global financial turmoil leaves a tremendous opportunity open for any person who understands the gold asset class to educate other people in how they can protect their wealth no matter what happens on the global financial scene.

What If The World You Know Changes

This is where Karatbars is situated at a perfect point currently; they have the means of protecting your wealth with a gold savings account and also educating people about the current financial factors affecting everyone worldwide.

Even if people don’t believe that there is looming financial turmoil what is the worst that can happen if people buy gold? They have an insurance policy which is an asset they can hold in their hands and which can be sold. Although gold prices fluctuate from day to day, over time, gold has always increased in value, unlike paper money which is decreasing in its purchasing power every day.

Having a gold savings account is like having inflation insurance. Every year inflation eats away at the value of your dollar and decreases the purchasing power of any paper money you hold in a traditional bank savings account.

If inflation goes up and you have your own gold savings account, because you are leveraged to gold, you won’t be losing the purchasing power of your savings the way you would if you have a traditional bank savings account.

Karatbars gold savings accounts empower individuals, families and business entities of all types to buy, sell own and control gold in small one gram transaction friendly weights.

If you recognise the value in protecting your wealth with a gold savings account then join with us at http://mygoldtogo.com/ and find out how.