Why starting your own business with gold is such a great idea

Why would you want to start a Gold Business?

Do you know that there is a common problem that is facing everyone in the world today?

This is a problem that does not discriminate on age, race, gender or wealth.

All over the world countries are continually pushing this problem on their citizens and pretending that everything is going to be okay.

The problem is money.

The uninformed may ask why is money a problem, other than of course the fact that I don’t have enough of it.

Do you understand the difference between money and currency because that is the answer?

We want to help you learn the difference between currency and money and how governments all over the world are causing your paper money to lose value year after year

Watch this video that will show you facts about gold and some of the most important reasons why starting your own business with gold is something that would be so beneficial for you today.

In 1913 the US Federal Reserve was formed and since then the US dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power.

This means that if you had $100 in your wallet in 1913 it would only be worth five dollars today in its purchasing power.

In 1944, after the 2nd world war ended, a new financial system was designed to stabilise the world and the US dollar was chosen as the world’s reserve currency. At the time the US dollar was tied to the price of gold which was then $35 an ounce.

However, in 1971, the US government detached their dollar from gold and after that the US dollar was no longer backed by anything. This is known as a Fiat currency and which is what has allowed the US government to print money endlessly today and thus devalue any paper money that you hold in your hand, so that it is virtually worthless.

All countries of the world have their own country currencies attached to the US dollar so as the US dollar loses its purchasing power so do all other currencies over the world.

So is there a solution to this global problem of currency devaluation?

The solution is to start converting your paper currency into real money that won’t devalue on a daily basis – gold.

This real money, gold, has all the characteristics of currency, however it has the ability to maintain its value and has done so over time.

Here are some facts about gold, for, at least the past 5000 years gold (and silver) have been used constantly as a store of value and a form of money.

What does this mean to you today?

Do you know how you can acquire gold so that you can maintain the value of your own money in amounts that you can afford?

Did you know that there is a company that allows you to purchase small and affordable quantities of currency grade gold?

Furthermore, this company not only provides a product that anyone in the world can be confident of its value;

It also gave you the opportunity to earn cash and increase your daily cashflow at the same time

When you understand the value of this opportunity you will then understand what this can really mean to you and your family.

There are times in history when the safe haven asset class that has been operating for 5000 years has the potential to becomes the asset class that has the greatest chance of having the largest gains in individual purchasing power.

These brief moments in history happen periodically and the world is definitely in one of those times at the moment.

Don’t listen to the media and trust them to tell you what is actually going on with the banks and brokerage houses today, educate yourself and do your own research.

There is a wealth transfer coming, in the very near future, as Fiat currencies all around the world reach breaking point.

In fact, all fiat currencies of the past have disappeared and this has happened hundreds of times throughout history

So the fact that the Fiat currencies operating today will disappear is a 100% guarantee.

The only question is how soon? Personally we believe it will be very soon.



If you want to learn more of the facts about gold and acquire gold for yourself, and put yourself on the right side of the coming wealth shift, don’t delay, take action today.

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