Your Attitude makes your life

Everyone knows that your attitude can change how everything happens in your life.

Your attitude and your perspective determine how you react to any situation. If you feel like everything is hopeless then you won’t make the effort to try and improve your situation but if you believe your life is good you will see the obstacles in your life as stepping stones on your path to success.

          Wealth Attitudes

Do you operate from an abundance or a scarcity mentality?


Abundance mentality – the belief that there is a full and ample supply of resources in the world, and you are as likely as the next person to get a part of the billions of dollars of wealth that are circulating around every day.


Scarcity or Poverty consciousness – the belief that there is only so much money to go around, and that there will never be enough and you need to take it from someone else in order to get it yourself.


Unless you are comfortable with the idea of being wealthy, even on a subconscious level, you will not be able to be wealthy. It is your attitude to money that will dictate where you operate financially.


If your money runs out before your week does and you believe this is because of government policy, your boss, your kids or your upbringing; if you believe that winning the lottery will be your big break and solve all your problems, you have an attitude problem, not a financial one.


Consider some of the questions below and think if some of these may be the real reason you are not where you want to be financially. Some of these questions may be difficult to deal with initially but you really need to understand the consequences of your belief systems before you can become wealthy.


Some of the most common reasons people fail financially are:


Previous subconscious programming

Ask yourself if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • You need to work hard to earn money.
  • All people with lots of money are crooks.
  • You need to hurt others to earn money.
  • I don’t deserve large amounts of money.
  • I can’t earn more than my parents did.
  • Having a lot of money will change me into a bad person.
  • If I make lots of money that will make me less spiritual.
  • If I earn lots of money I will deprive someone else of it.


Absence of Focus

Ask yourself if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • Do you lack focus on why you are trying to become wealthy?
  • Does your value system have making money as a high priority?
  • Do you take responsibility for your own failures and successes?
  • Do you have clear goals on what you want money for?


Habits and Behaviour patterns

Ask yourself if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • Do you have a nine to five mentality and are happier working for someone else?
  • Do you have a nine to five mentality because it is easier than taking responsibility for your own finances?
  • Are you willing to let someone else dictate the way you earn a living?
  • Do you spend money on whatever you want without thinking of the long-term consequences?


Your friends and family

Ask yourself if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • Do your friends and family think the same way you do financially?
  • Is a poverty consciousness being reinforced in your day-to-day life?
  • Would the attitude of your friends and family change if you started earning more money?
  • Do you have no association with wealth?


Financial education

Ask yourself if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • Do you know exactly where you are now financially?
  • Do you know exactly where you want to be financially in five, ten or thirty years time?
  • Do you educate yourself on the best way to improve your finances?
  • Do you do what everyone else does and expect to get a different result?


Instant Gratification

Ask yourself if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • Do you only buy things you can afford or do you buy things just because you want them?
  • Do you spend your whole income and worry about the future when it comes?
  • Do you spend money on the lottery or other gambling in the hope of getting rich quick?


If you want to go nowhere, just follow the crowd.

Have a look at this video about The Power of Attitude

The Power of Attitude


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