A Factual “slap in the face”…

We’ve Got a MILLION DOLLAR “dare” for you!

But first let us tell you this…

Sometimes people are so fast asleep
it’s a wonder they go through life without
getting themselves badly hurt in the process…   lol

Okay, so now our team and the few simple videos
we’ve shared over the last couple of weeks have
gone on to generate over a MILLION DOLLARS
and is still going strong!

But we know some still like to hear some factual things about
the company and the opportunity that ‘stares them in the face’…

So here goes:
Dubli has been in existence since 2003
It’s a publicly traded company (do you even know how “big-a-deal” that is by itself)
A Billionaire is the owner – Michael Hansen
Has some other Billionaires behind it too – such as ex-Microsoft “guru” – Blas Garcia Moros
Multiple offices all over the world

Dubli simply provides ‘cash back’ to consumers on stuff they are already buying.
So there’s no need to take money out of your pocket as you already do online purchases.
Make money guaranteed…  either saving money on purchases you do or sharing the service or opportunity

The great thing that makes Dubli easy to share with consumers
is that they don’t have to change their buying habits at all…

Dubli basically says…

shop the way you always do…  simply let us just give you cash back!  😉

It’s really a no-brainer from a ‘product/service’ point of view.

Free customers get savings by simply downloading the toolbar

And can get even more cash back being a VIP member

not only 1%,  2% back…  lol

no, no, no…    9%, 12% & even 17%

Dubli is so unique that it boasts a nearly 400 to 1 customer to rep ratio!

What does that mean?

Well it means that it’s actually a REAL business, driven by consumers
and not by a business opportunity like 99.99% of other stuff online.

So credibility is a given, right!

Now, over to a Mîllion Dollar Guarantéé!

Boldest statement ever: Matt Trainer our upline
publicly announced from stage in Dubai recently…

He will not take any money from his DubLi business
until every person in our team who ranks SD or above
by November 1st has made at least $1 million!!!

Read that again…

He’s putting EVERY DIME of his personal income
back into traffic and leads and sales for YOU…

…as long as you’re a Sales Director by
November 1st.

Whatever it takes: get your business moving NOW.

Guess what…

Our leaders Alby and Lourens went Sales Director in 11 days!

And we’re here to HELP YOU if you’re willing to
get going, listen and implement what’s available to you!

We trust this email is some ‘Food For Thought’
(so take immediate action).



P.S. Our friend, it’s a shame for you to
not make money online when others do it
so easily.
Adjust your speakers and watch this.


PPS. connect with us on Skype: linda.ballis