Action is a critical part of your journey to success

Your brain is the most powerful computer but it is not user friendly. Having superior talents or education doesn’t guarantee success. What is a more likely indicator of success is a person’s ability to follow through.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the past does not equal the future. Just because you failed at something before, even if it was yesterday or last month or last year doesn’t mean you will fail at it the next time you try.

Success is no more something that happens overnight than failure is. They are both things that happen incrementally with each day building on the day before. This is one of the reasons why when you are aware of this you can take actions to change it.

Here is a video I made about the importance of taking action.

Becoming successful will not be because you learn how to do more; it will be by taking a different course of action. What is really critical is that you have the desire and commitment to follow through on the course you decide upon. You need to make decisions and use your personal power to take action. Action is the critical part of your journey to success.

When you understand what makes you do what you do and what drives you now and has driven you in the past then you will have the ability to change your future. The power to change comes from concentrating your focus and taking daily actions to improve something. If you improve by just 1% a day what change do you think you will have made in a year? Simple small changes will have massive effects over time. Anything you give 100% of focus on will manifest, either positive or negative.

You must give power to the things you want to change positively. If you want to be successful you need to study people that are successful just like if you want to be healthy you need to study people that are healthy or you want to be wealthy you need to study people that are financially free.

When you immerse yourself in something you are guaranteed to be successful eventually. Even if you go over information that you already know and have learnt before, every time you revisit it, it will cement itself or a different component of the same idea into your brain. Repetition is the critical factor of success.

Everyone is driven by inspiration or desperation. Inspiration will give you something to move towards but it is desperation that will really motivate you to change.

The fact that you are aware of the effects of your actions and how to go about changing them will put you ahead of 99% of people in the world. Most people either don’t know how to go about making changes in their lives or if they do aren’t willing to put in the effort to make the changes needed.

If you are not where you want to be in life you need to re-program your mind. This might be physically, emotionally, socially or financially.

If you want more money, more energy and happiness in your life

Step 1


  • You must know your outcome. – the clearer you are the easier it is for you to empower your brain to come up with the answers. Physically, emotionally, spiritually or, health-wise.
  • Take action and move towards your goals – If you try something and it doesn’t work you have added to your education and will be one step closer to where you eventually want to get. It is your fear that stops you taking action. The only way to break through your fear is to face it.
  • Know what you are getting – Most people that are successful have simply failed more often than anyone else but have kept on going. Airplanes are off course 90% of the time. When they are off course they make adjustments. Flexibility is power.
  • Use a role model that has already experienced success in the field you want. Knowledge is only potential power, it is not enough unless you carry through.


It’s not what you can do in life it’s what you will do that is critical to your success.

In order to move towards your more successful life, do 2 things today that you have been putting off. This will get rid of the underlying tension that manifests when you have unfinished business and will move you forward towards your ultimate success.

Have a look at this video from one of our Protection Through Gold team hangouts of how one of our team members overcame his life’s difficulties,

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