How to register a domain name using Crazy Domains

When you work with an online business which most people do when they start to work from home you will often have a domain with an affiliate link in it.

Often these affiliate links can be long and ugly and off putting to people that see them so it’s a good idea to change them to a domain name that is relevant to your business but one that looks much nicer.  This will increase the probability of people clicking on your link if it doesn’t look like an affiliate link.

Some domains we have are

These all point to different opt-in boxes but don’t look like ugly affiliate links.

Here is a video that explains step by step How to register a domain name using Crazy Domains.


Sometimes we use Crazy Domains, particularly if buying “” names and sometimes we use GoDaddy. In the past we weren’t able to use GoDaddy to purchase country specific name like but recently GoDaddy have introduced “” names as well.

When you are operating an online business the most accepted extension is “.com” particularly if you are operating a global business. If you are operating a local business then it may be worth using a country extension as well, like a extension.

It is better to have a shorter name, particularly if you are creating parked domains or subdomains as each of these adds extra characters which add to the total length of your url.

If you are doing Google adds or Bing ads or something like that in particular, each character in your url takes up space and you only have a limited number of characters available, so it is better to save the characters to advertise your business.

It is best if the domain you purchase relates to the business you are operating, so it remains relevant.

In this instance we are working with Karatbars which is a company that sells small denominations of gold that make gold easy to purchase for everyone so it is a good idea to have gold in the domain name. Some examples of domains that we have for different purposes are, our,

When you learn how to register a domain name it is a very simple process although it might seem daunting to begin with. Just be careful when buying a domain name as Crazy Domains or GoDaddy love to upsell at every opportunity so just be aware and make sure the amount you are paying always stays on the price of the domain name.

Go to the front page of the Crazy Domains must be 2 years while a .org has different requirements, must have an ABN and different process.m

Go all the way through to the end.

If you are hosting your domain name somewhere else you will need to change the name servers but that is another video. We host all our domains at Hostgator.

Now you are the owner of the domain name and you can forward your affiliate link to your new domain.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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