Masking and forwarding an affiliate link with Hostgator using parked domains

When you work with an online business which most people do when they start to work from home you will often have a domain with an affiliate link in it.

Often these affiliate links can be long and ugly and off putting to people that see them so it’s a good idea to change them to a domain name that is relevant to your business but one that looks much nicer.  This will increase the probability of people clicking on your link if it doesn’t look like an affiliate link.

One way around this is to mask the link to make it look better. One trick is to make sure that your masked link is relevant to the page and business you are working with.

Here is a video that explains step by step how to park and forward your affiliate link using Hostgator.


Some people use Bitly or Tinyurl links to mask affiliate links but many websites don’t like using them as they have a reputation of sending people to completely unrelated sites. A better alternative is to buy your own domain and point your affiliate url to the new domain.

We have another video called “How to register a domain name using Crazy Domains” that walks you through the process of purchasing a domain.

We use Hostgator to host all our domains and websites. The cost is roughly $9.95 a month which personally I feel is very good value and is just a cost of running an online business.

If you don’t already use Hostgator you can sign up here.

When you first purchase a domain it becomes an add-on domain, then when you want to mask and forward a domain using Hostgator it becomes a parked domain.

Our original domain is

When you park the domain it means adding something to the front of the domain, for instance

The next step is to forward your affiliate link to your new parked domain. Click on parked domains and go down to where your new domain is. Then copy your affiliate link, i.e. and click on “Manage Redirection”.

Your new parked domain will now point to your affiliate link. It may take a little while to become active but it can also become active instantly.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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