Purchase of Karatbars 5 gram gold cards

One of the key fundamentals of Karatbars is helping people to set up regular savings accounts to protect their wealth. As anyone that pays any attention to the current financial systems of the world and their coming collapse is aware, setting up a savings account in paper money isn’t a good idea.  So what we do in Karatbars is convert our paper money into gold in order to protect our wealth.

You need to remember than when you purchase a Karatbars gold card you aren’t actually buying anything you are just transferring your paper money into another form of money and one that is much more stable in the long term, especially when the price of gold is quite low like it is at the moment. You are transferring your money out of a form that is constantly devaluing as more and more of it is being printed into a form that has maintained its purchasing power over time.

Here is a video that explains step by step how to purchase  a Karatbars 5 gram gold card.



What we recommend is you start with an auto-purchase of 5 grams a month or the equivalent of 1 gram a week. Then if you want to purchase extra gold you can make a one of purchase of extra gold or as your commissions in Karatbars increase you can always increase your regular purchases. In fact it’s usually only your first and maybe your second month that gold that is purchased with your own money after that it is usually paid for with your commissions.

As most people who work the Karatbars business find that very quickly their commissions in Karatbars are paying for their gold purchases they often decide to purchase some 2.5 gram or 5 gram gold cards on top of their regular 1 gram gold purchases.
To do this you can manually go into your Karatbars account click on “Product Purchase” on the top tab and then on the drop down list click on “Classic Gold Card”. You will then be taken to a screen where you have the option of a one-time purchase of 1 gram cards, 2.5 gram cards or 5 gram cards.

The price for each gold card purchase is shown below each of the cards. You can see that the prices are in Euros as Karatbars is a German company and the price is also shown in US Dollars as this is still the currency that most people relate to. You can see the larger quantity cards are actually cheaper per gram of gold. In fact if you purchase the 5 gram cards you actually get one gram free compared to if you purchased 5 x 1 gram cards.

As with everything it is best to have a variety of gold card sizes in order to allow for any eventuality in the future if and when you decide to sell your gold.

If you are looking at saving gold to use for a purchase at a later stage, for instance a house, then you may be better off having more 5 gram cards but if you are looking at being able to sell back your gold cards in small amounts in the future you may be better off with more single gram cards.

Also if you are just starting out converting your paper money into gold it may be more important to set up the habit of regular savings and work with your regular auto-purchase of 1 gram gold cards. At the moment you can only auto purchase one gram cards but in the near future you will be able to auto purchase multi-gram cards as well.

Today we are looking at buying a 5 gram Karatbars Gold Card. Under quantity put in the number of gold cards you want to purchase. As soon as you put in a number the price in Euro and US$ will show up under the picture of the gold card. Then click on checkout and it will add the purchase to your shopping cart. Click on view cart.

When you purchase gold through Karatbars you can get 3% discount if you have a 3% discount card. If you haven’t already entered your 3% discount code the first time you go to make a gold purchase it will prompt you to do so here.

If you need more information on the 3% discount cards see our video specifically about that.

You will need to tick if you want your gold shipped or kept in storage. If you want to get your gold shipped to your home just keep in mind the postage costs involved. We talk about that in another video on getting your gold shipped.

It’s usually a good idea to wait until you have a quantity of gold and get it all shipped at the same time. In fact if you get 100 grams of gold you get it shipped for free.

To Australia it costs nearly $50 to get 1 gram delivered which is another gram of gold so it’s better to wait until you have a quantity and split the postage between multiple grams of gold.

The payment option here is credit card, debit card, bank transfer or Kartbars EWallet and most people use their Karatbars MasterCard to pay for their gold after the first month or two as their gold is then being purchased through their Karatbars commissions.

If you are purchasing more than $500 of gold at one time or roughly 7 or 8 grams you will need to get authorisation from your bank as soon as you have made the purchase so that they don’t see a large foreign transaction on your credit card and put a stop to the purchase. There should be a number on the back of your credit card. You may have “Verify Visa / Mastercard” already set up on your credit card and if so you will automatically be asked to verify the purchase this way.

You will need to check the box that says you have read the message that you need to verify your purchase.

Once you have clicked “Register and purchase” you will automatically get your requested amount of gold set aside for you each month and your new gold savings plan will now be set up.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or your sponsor. Our details are below the video and we wish you all the best on your Karatbars journey.