The thick envelope was tucked under your door….and it would change your life forever.

It’s been a CRAZY few days with our inbox’s exploding,
Facebook and Skype going totally “haywire” with everyone
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…as well as having a nice $2591 for the day alone while
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With that said let us share this email from our business partner, Alby
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(picture this in your mind…)
An envelope was tucked under your

front door when you got home from work.

It was a heavy envelope.

Inside is an extremely thick piece of

paper with your name engraved on it…


…and the words,

Your car will arrive at 6:45pm sharp to pick you up.”


Who could have sent it?  There’s no return


Where would you be going?

Sure enough, at 6:45, there’s a knock

on your door.


You open it, see a driver and a long,

black luxury sedan.


He holds the door open for you

and you get inside.

Ten minutes later, you pull up

in front of a huge mansion.

As you walk inside, you’re amazed

at all the luxury and wealth.

The butler opens a door and

you go inside…


…where you find a middle-aged

man sitting at a table, drinking a

cup of tea.


You freeze.  You recognize him


He’s one of the wealthiest people

in your city….


“Welcome,” he smiles.  “I’m so glad

you could make it!  Please…have

a seat with me.”


You sit down….still not sure what

to make of everything…


And he smiles at you and says

the words you’ve always wanted

to hear…..


“I’d like to teach you to become



= = = = = = = = =
Let That Sink In
= = = = = = = = =


My friend,  we remember when we were

first starting out in this profession

of working from home….


…I told my wife,


“Honey, if I could just get around

someone who was making a big 



…and if they would show me what

to do….let me look over their shoulder….


…that would make ALL the difference.

I’d just follow what they did and do

what they told me…”


And I meant it when I told her that!


Believe it or not, about a year later,

I had that opportunity.  I met this guy…

His name was Lourens Haasbroek.

And I went from making ZERO to

making about $2,000 per week.


Then I switched gears and jumped to

around $15,000 per month….


…then had a $50,000 month or two….


….then I even did $110,000 in a single month.


Here’s my point:  there is no limit

to what you can achieve….


….when you’re working with someone 

who knows how to create wealth.


You have that chance coming your way in just a few short days..


Today I have the pleasure of working closely with Lourens…


But things are about to get even BETTER!


For the first time Lourens and I joined forces to create ONE

powerful, unstoppable team!


This means, that you have the opportunity to work with BOTH of us!


If you are sponsored by Lourens, you are sponsored by me and vice versa!


Now whats even MORE exciting is that we are working CLOSELY

with at least 4 genuine online MULTI millionaires as well!


Here is my point AGAIN….

There is no limit

to what you can achieve….


….when you’re working with someone 

who knows how to create wealth.


Some of the greatest internet marketing minds…

all under one roof!

Can you see the big picture here yet??
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


You’ll tap into everything we can provide as well as our partners…



John and Linda







Are people doing this?

Are they “falling over themselves” to join?
Are people who have battled in the past getting results now?

Yes, Yes and heck…Yes!


PPS. The is something that almost every single person with an internet connection
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John and Linda

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