You have been BS’d… get the truth NOW!

Most of the time “crap” is all you are getting from marketers online


you know that is the truth!

you also know that trying to make money online can be like “pulling teeth”

which is not a pleasant experience,

…surely you agree, right?

Anyway, you always have:
–> people with no results tell you what to do in life, business, etc
–> people with no “real meat” to back up their BS
–> people with no common sense going on a negative “rampage” about your business

…and usually those people are either friends, family or “marketers”!

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So with that said…  let us get this “on the table”

Dubli has been around since 2003

Q: Have they made mistakes?
A: Yes  😉

Q: Have they come back stronger than ever?
A: lol… backed by a few Billionaires we’d say the answer is obvious  😉

Although, we might add…   Common Sense is not all that common now-a-days anymore!

No wonder, Albert Einstein said:
“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Can we argue that one…?   lol




John and Linda


John and Linda - Breakfast on the balcony



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