Do You Hate MLM? You’re going to love this

Are you one of those people that hates MLM or multi-level marketing? If so you’re certainly not alone, indeed although over the years I have been involved in a number of MLM’s it certainly hasn’t been a business model that I’ve enjoyed.

When you work a traditional MLM you usually are working with a few set concepts.

The first is that you are selling on the “my product is better” concept. Any traditional MLM model has a product or a range of products and to be successful in the networking business you need to be able to convince people that the product that you are promoting is better than any current product they are currently using. This can be an uphill battle as generally people don’t like change and don’t particularly want to change from the product as they are currently using.

The second concept that is typical of MLM is that you need to convince people to go on autoship for the products you are promoting. This will lead to an irregular income as “people will often cancel their autoship” when they need more money, particularly as usually the products you are selling them aren’t really necessary products. and this especially happens pre-Christmas which is the time of year when you least want your income to go down.

The third concept and another problem with MLM marketing is that in most instances they are selling products that, although usually very good quality, tend to be very expensive and not products that people would normally be purchasing, or at least not at the price the MLM company is asking for. As a result it is not uncommon for people to find that the product they are selling, that is supposed to be unique, is often found cheaper elsewhere, like on EBay or other auction websites. This means your prospects may then ask what the advantage to buying the product from you is.

The fourth concept is that you have to re-educate people to convince them to change the way they shop. You need to convince them to shop via the company portal that you are promoting rather than them going to the stores they are used to and shopping the way they would usually shop.

most of you would have joined an MLM company at one stage or another in your life or perhaps you are struggling with one NOW.

You may be struggling and feeling frustrated and tired but you don’t appear to be able to achieve the success that you know is possible with MLM. This is the very reason that our new business opportunity with Dubli is proving to be so successful for so many people.

Dubli is a cashback opportunity for people that shop online and they have partnered with many well-known stores that people already shop at.

Addressing each of the concepts that are potential problems with traditional MLM and are why so many people despise MLM shows what a great business model Dubli is, especially when it is joined with the business building component of DubliNetwork.

Firstly, the Selling on “my product is better” concept doesn’t exist because Dubli doesn’t actually have a product, they have cash-backs on other products that are from stores that people are already purchasing from. If Dubli were to have any product it would have to be “cash” from the cash-backs on offer and cash is something that very few people would object to.

The second concept of people cancelling their autoship, particularly before Xmas, doesn’t exist because there is no autoship to cancel. People are buying what they want to buy whenever they want to buy it. In fact your income is likely to go up before Xmas as people spend more money on presents than they do at any other time of the year.

The third concept of people finding the same product at a cheaper price elsewhere doesn’t apply because customers can find the cheapest price they can get, including all other special offers and store discounts and the Dubli cash-back is taken off the final price.

Lastly having to re-educate people to change their buying habits doesn’t apply because you aren’t asking anyone to change where they buy anything, they are just shopping as they would normally shop at the same stores they would be shopping at anyway.

So, as you can see, shopping online with Dubli is a win-win opportunity for everyone.

For the consumer who just wants to purchase goods online they are getting cash-back on their purchases for buying things they were already going to buy from stores they were already going to shop at.

For the business builders they are building a business by getting a percentage of the cash-back for introducing people to Dubli.

For the store owner they are getting people to utilise their online shopping portals which helps them compete with the online giants like Amazon and Ebay. For them it is just another way to spend their marketing dollars and is proving to be a very effective way to market.

So there you have it. Now you know why 9 out of 10 people say “YES” to Dubli, including many people that have grown to despise MLM in the past.

Don’t over-analyse the opportunity, otherwise, the next thing you know people you know, will come knocking at your door first, and ask if you care to join them!

So if you recognise that success comes when preparation meets opportunity and you take action then join us, the link is below and achieve your own success by taking action.