Listen to Jason’s DubLi story – it will blow your mind away.


As you may be aware recently our team launched a new business and it is taking off at a rate that is far faster than we even anticipated.


The excitement that is being generated by people that have understood the business model is amazing.


Today we just want to show you a clip from a hangout we were on recently about Jason who is one of the many people that has had massive success in a couple of weeks even though he has had very little consistent success online before.


Jasons Dubli Story

Jason’s story isn’t the story you often hear of being homeless or living in a van or being a drug addict and getting clean. Jason’s story is that of a normal every day person who struggled to meet his bill payments every week, of someone that had to juggle money between bank accounts and credit cards to pay the bills. This is something that so many people in today’s difficult financial economy have to contend with and something that is only likely to get worse in the coming year.


The other component of Jason’s story is that he has been working online for a number of years but although making money hadn’t managed to become really successful on a consistent basis.


Many people believe that it is possible to make a lot of money in the online business arena but many people are struggling to make their home based business successful to whatever level they want. For some people that may be a couple of hundred dollars a week extra and for other people it is enough to replace their income that they get from working a job outside the home.


Many people have been struggling for some time to make their home based business a success without achieving the results that they believe are possible. It is their conviction that being successful online is possible that keeps them going as well as an understanding that persistence is the surest way to success in any endeavour and I can certainly relate to this.


One way to keep yourself motivated when you aren’t achieving the success you want is to be part of a team of likeminded people and that is why I am so grateful for our PTG team where there are people to encourage you when you get disheartened with your lack of success.


Our PTG team has now joined forces with Team Wukar, which has been setup to market this fantastic opportunity and includes many successful online marketers that have joined together to help create this successful business. I will talk about the methods being used to do this and to help people achieve success that haven’t done so before in another video.


For many people it actually takes a lot of courage to admit that they can’t do what they want to do on their own and that they need the help of others but it is definitely worth letting go of your ego and overcoming any reluctance you may have to join up with others that are on the same path as you are so that they can give you a leg up to achieving your own success.


The most important thing is to not give up.


The clip by Jason came just after a section of the hangout where Matt Trainer, who is the leader of our greater WUKAR team, shared his vision of what he wants to achieve with Team Wukar and Dubli in terms of creating freedom for so many people and he is not talking about just financial freedom, although this is what so many people think they want, but what it really means to have time freedom and have the ability to really spend time with your family and doing things you really want to do including things to help the greater community.


You can feel the gratitude and enthusiasm that Jason feels for being offered this fantastic opportunity and this is definitely something I feel as well.


So if you recognise that success comes when preparation meets opportunity and you take action join us at, and achieve your own success by taking action today.




John and Linda

John and Linda Ballis Dubli



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