Pros and Cons of a Home Based Business

As with everything you do in life anything you do has both pros and cons.

When you decide to start a home based business it is best to be aware when you go in what some of the pitfalls can be as well as some of the massive benefits to be gained.

One of the most obvious benefits is not having the long transmute to work every day. For many people this journey can take 2 or more hours out of your day so the benefit of being able to go straight to your home office without the travel is obvious.For people that are environmentally conscious and recognise the massive carbon footprint that is caused by this daily commute this can be a big “pro” to working from home.

Have a look at the video below to see some more of the pros and cons


Pros and Cons of a Home Based Business.

To work from home successfully you need to have your own office space. This can be a spare bedroom or garage or if necessary, a cordoned off area of your lounge but it must be a specific space that is designated for work just like if you had a desk at a workplace. Even if it is only a psychological advantage having a designated work space will make it easier to separate out your work and your home lives. This can be either a pro or a con depending on your family situation.
One of the most talked about benefits of working from home is your ability to control your time and to choose when and how long you work for. This can also be a pro or a con. Yes, you can choose your own times to work and this is great if you have children or other family commitments as you can fit your work around them. You can be with your children when they need you throughout the day and work at night or when they are at school. You can take lunchtime off and have lunch with friends and make up the time at night. If you are a morning person you can get up early and finish early or if you are a night person you can start late and finish late. These are all definite pluses when considering a home based business.
However, when you are working from home it is often difficult to create the boundaries between work and home life that are much easier when you leave your home to go to work. In fact it is very easy to be working much longer hours in a home based business than in a traditional business even with the commute added in. If you are going to work successfully at your home based business you must set up clear boundaries and stick to them.
Another possible time con to working from home is if you tend to be a procrastinator it is very easy to spend the whole day and actually get nothing worthwhile done. You have to be very disciplined with your time to work a home based business successfully.When you work for someone else you generally have a set number of tasks that you need to perform on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
When you work from home for yourself you need to create your own motivation to work and need to create your own routine with a list of tasks that need to get done daily. For some people that aren’t particularly disciplined this can be a definite con. It is very easy to say I will just read this book for a while or see what’s on Facebook or look at a few emails rather than doing the work that needs to get done first.
This is actually something that I have struggled with. When I have a set list of tasks that need completed I am fine and will continue to work through them until they are completed, however when I have no set tasks to do today and a multitude of tasks that I can do I find it hard to prioritise what is the best job to start with and I tend to flounder a bit. Setting up a system to keep you motivated and working every day can be either a pro or a con depending on your personality.
A definite pro is that you can wear whatever you like and you don’t have to spend money on suits or uniforms if you don’t want. However some people find they actually work better if they get dressed as if they were going to an office as it helps delineate the boundaries between work and home.
Another thing that can be either a pro or a con is that all your income is derived directly from your own efforts. This means your income is not guaranteed but the potential for a much greater income than you are currently used to is possible. If you need the security of a regular income then this may be a bit scary and may cause a lot of stress while you are initially building your home based business.
Most people counter this by starting to work from home by doing it part time to begin with. This will provide an income safety net but may also hinder you as you may not feel obligated to give it your best efforts as you would if your whole income was dependent on your efforts.
If you are a sociable person working from home can be a definite con as generally it can be quite lonely and can prove quite difficult if you have a very outgoing personality. You may need to join some groups to provide yourself with the social contact you need. However, if you are someone that is comfortable with your own company this won’t be an issue at all. There will be some interaction with your online customers and team but it won’t be the same as if you were working in an office and interacting with people all day long.
Either way it is important to be part of a team of like-minded people that you can interact with. In our team we have hangouts and a Facebook group where we interact with people that have a similar outlook on the best ways of making a home based business work and this can make all the difference, particularly if you are having an off day which everybody does from time to time.
If you want to make your home based business a success you need to be very conscious of not treating it like a hobby. You need to treat your home based business as a proper business and put in the required amount of effort if you want to be successful. If you only put in a token effort then you won’t get the success that you may be looking for.



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Linda Ballis  

Linda Ballis - Dubli

PS: Hopefully this has given you a bit to think about and a clearer idea of some of the possible pros and cons of working with your own home based business.

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