This is all you really need to know…….

“Take a look at this video it will explain everything in a nutshell.”


Karatbars Gold card  size of a credit cardImage

That’s all we needed to see and for your sake, we hope you get it too!

It made perfect sense to us! A new, gold backed, category of currency! 

Then when we learned that Karatbars International was a debt free company, 
operating in 122 countries around the globe, we realized we had just
discovered something extraordinary!
Affordable gold in small enough quantities that anyone could afford! 
Affordable GOLD for the masses, that can be used as currency, BRILLIANT! 
We had a little gold that we had purchased previously,
but it had been a huge effort to acquire, 
Firstly we had to be able to afford it by the ounce,
and then we had to be able to purchase enough 
to meet the dealers minimum requirements for a purchase. 
Obviously this was not something
we could do on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis! 
Then there were the exorbitant commission fees to do so!
And in order to utilize the gold to buy something
we would have to convert the gold back into paper dollars,
once we had proved it’s authenticity 
and pay an additional commission fee! 
We immediately saw the true value and beauty of what 
Karatbars International was offering,
With their 1 gram gold cards.
…and then we saw this!


Turn Money to Gold


Which would you rather have, gold or currency?
You should have realised by now how passionate we are about this business and why. Let us show you how truly exciting this turn key business can be for you!
It’s imperative that you secure your future and your wealth.
If you do nothing else join and buy gold.
Gold is going only one way and that is UP! 
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