Re: Less than 50 hours remaining… {time sensitive}

This is extremely time sensitive so we don’t want there to
be any excuse for you not having the information you need.
Check out again what we sent you…just over 48 hours to
go till this is no longer available…
John and Linda
This is the last opportunity you will ever have
to be part of something this big…
We can guarantee this!
At midnight, Wednesday 8th of April 2015 US EST time


The Team WUKAR Founder’s Club will be closed
for good!
Here is just a little sneak peak at some of the training

you can access for FREE as a Founder’s Club member...


Wukar Founders Club Training


So what would you have to pay for training in Pinteret,
Facebook, Twitter, Solo Ads and SEO?

Well if you have purchased any of these products before
you would know that they don’t come cheap!
So what if you could get all of this PLUS even more
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And remember you will have your own business
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Over 10,000 people have already done this and are
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What is stopping you?
Don’t throw away any more money on another
‘training course’ for online marketing.
Join us in Team WUKAR and an entire automated
marketing system is at your finger tips immediately.
You MUST join before Midnight this Wednesday
8th of April 2015.
If you have any questions PLEASE reply to this email
and let us know ASAP or add us on Skype: linda.ballis
Ready to get started? Head here right now:
Looking forward to having you join the team and leverage
the experience and resources of leading experts who
are working to help you change your life!


As always if you have any questions or we can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.

Linda Ballis  

Linda Ballis - Dubli

P.S. This is EXTREMELY time sensitive…don’t wait any longer
P.P.S. Already have a home based business? Use the tools here
to build this as well. Don’t rely on one income source…only the
poor do this…the Rich have MULTIPLE income streams!



Looking forward to you joining with us in this exciting Home based business industry.