This is How We Get Paid!!!!

Do you know that

You can use your Karatbars Mastercard anywhere in the world?

 Karatbars Mastercard

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That’s right! 
Every Friday your Karatbars Mastercard will be loaded with
your weekly commissions.
You can buy groceries, fill your car or take a cash withdrawal
from your bank!
What do we do with our Mastercard instead? 
Silly question really, We buy GOLD! 
Our commissions literally buy us FREE GOLD! 
How cool is that?

(Karatbars Prepaid Mastercard is actually extra proof of what a legitimate business Karatbars is. You actually have to be a legitimate long term business to get a Mastercard, especially a one branded with your company logo, as Mastercard are very particular about which companies they will partner with.)

Turn Money to Gold

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So ask yourself

Would you rather have cash or Karatbars Gold?

Have a look at this video for more details that will make the answer to that question clear.


So if you are grateful that you have been introduced to Karatbars then go to where you can join our team and start your own Karatbars journey to bring gold and wealth to the masses, despite anything that happens in the wider financial world.