AdHitProfits – Fun, Easy and Simple

Do you want to see your income grow with revenue share every 30 minutes with AdHitProfits? Do you want to have fun with a program that is easy and simple to use but has the advertising results that other programs try to copy? Do you want to share in one of the most responsive PPC …

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AHP (AdHitProfits) earnings Monday were 17%

For those of you that are not already in AdHitProfits and those of you that are and know you are making money but not how much we have worked out how much we earned yesterday. AHP (AdHitProfits) earnings Monday were 17%, Tuesday 20%! 2 WEEKS ago it was taking Ad Shares 24 days to mature, …

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Are you looking for a profitable way to advertise your business?

As online entrepreneurs, we are always looking for places to advertise our other online businesses.  It’s all about driving targeted traffic to our sites and capture pages. So when we were introduced to AdHitProfits… we knew we had found something special. When we discovered it was developed with an Admin that our direct upline has a personal contact …

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WCA programs now operating

Although Revenue Share has been very slow in WCA recently the management have been very busy behind the scenes and have brought to fruition a number of programs. When people start using these programs then Revenue Share will start up again. Here is a compiled listing of the accomplishments WCA have made thus far. And …

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WCA Ad Packages now available for purchasing

NEWS FLASH!!!   You will be pleased to know that you can now purchase your ad packs in WCA. You have the options of using Solid Trust Pay or cashier’s check / money order to deposit money and you can repurchase using money from your unpaid balance that you may have still had in the …

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Why Getting in Early Makes Dollars and Sense

You may or many not know that, World Consumer Alliance (WCA) is in their  SOFT Launch phase… Yes we…. got in early!!!! We saw a unique opportunity with a new company, with leaders who are very….. Experienced Passionate Innovative With Great Communication skills. And a vision that eclipses most other On-Line Businesses   Right Now….

A summary of how WCA works

We have been told that WCA is likely to be one of the bigger programs in this industry over the next year. The team behind WCA have been involved in the network marketing and online cashflow industries for some time and have plans to take the best parts of a number of other programs and …

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