My Why for Wanting Success with Karatbars

When you start any business you need to know why you are doing it and this is just a short video to let you know “My Why” and Why I joined Karatbars.   If you start anything in life that is going to take work then you have to have a big reason for doing …

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Would you rather have cash or Karatbars Gold?

Do you understand how the value of your money decreases over time? Ask yourself the question. If you had a safe that you couldn’t open for 10 years what would you prefer to fill it with, $1400 in cash or 1 ounce of pure gold? Do you have more confidence that after 10 years the …

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Karatbars 3 minute Sizzle call

Part of the support that is provided to all Karatbars affiliates is the 3 minute sizzle call. This is available for you to send all your prospects to as a first step, then once they have listened to it you can ring them and ask them what they think. If they are still interested, which …

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Cashflow is Critical for your Financial Freedom

We have had our online interactive wheel of life working for some time and now have a fair bit of data that tells us what people consider being their biggest problems when balancing their lives. The biggest perceived problem by far is Wealth and Finances followed by Health (often caused by the stress of financial …

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New advertising site for TelexFree

We have been using a new site to place adds for TelexFree,   Super easy!    Just log into your TelexFree site as usual.   With this site you just add your username on the front page with the number of contracts you have at that position and click the green button that …

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(VIDEO) new team mate PUMPING results left and right $$$

activate images. — from dreaming about     ————————– ONLINE FREEDOM ————————–     to living it…     REALITY is yours… TAKE IT!.     Watch Team Member Jason’s Story Video

AND Another $1044.91… Can it be this easy?

    …what in the world?   Can it be this easy…?   more money on auto-pilot!   but first a   …QUESTION…   Do you truly believe that it is “difficult” to make money online….?

WOW – $2000 in just over 2 days..

———————————————- images ALWAYS speak “louder“ than words… ———————————————- So look at the image we have for you here…    Now, we don’t know about you but that makes life MUCH SIMPLER …when you have that type of money coming in every few days!

Strategy for withdrawing from your Premium Profit Clicking account.

Here is some strategy on a good way create a balance between building your Premium Profit Clicking account and withdrawing your funds.     Now, this strategy is designed to find the right balance between; 1)     Getting new Premium Account ‘starting capital’ out early, 2)    Obtaining regular withdrawals to the Payment Processor(s), 3)     …

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