SolidTrustPay – Funding options for Aussies….

If you’re an Aussie and use Solid Trust Pay (STP)… then please read this. Here are proven and recommend methods for funding your STP account, using your bank account or cash. It is a better option than using credit cards.   1. You can do an online instant transfer from inside your SolidTrust Account.  Click on …

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Why Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki recommend Refferal Marketing

  Have a look at this article that explains why Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommend network marketing and the many benefits the industry has to offer to those that want more from their lives. WhyNetworkMarketing

Pulling together – The Power of Teamwork

What sets a successful organization apart from its competitors? You can bet having a successful team is at the foundation of the answer. Are you putting your team first? Do your team members really understand your overall vision? Do team members know what is expected of them? How can each team member contribute most effectively? …

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JSS-Tripler – Restart Completed; Strong Growth!

Members of Just Been Paid will be aware JBP has recently completed a restart. This is what makes the program indefinitely sustainable and not a high yielding program with a very short lifespan like so many others. The reasoning behind the restart is to transfer positions from the JSS Tripler area of Just Been Paid …

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The Golden Path SECURITY Update… IMPORTANT

We are not sure if you are signed up to The Golden Path newsletter so thought we would just pass this one on. Also, just letting you know we have just cycled our first 2nd level matrix to level 3 which means instead of $2 going into our EWallet we now have $5 going in …

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Here is some more follow-up information regarding Just Been Paid and their transition to a new payment processor, taken from the Just Been Paid website. Payza will no longer be utilized for JustBeenPaid. Instead, we will be implementing, which will use multiple providers for withdrawals and deposits. Fortunately, we have been notified that Payza …


JBP Payment Processor Changes – Very Important.

We have some exciting news about how you will be getting paid at JBP, effective immediately. Payza has just set up a brand new affiliate program and we are asking all JBP members to get their accounts set up NOW. The e-mail below comes directly from JustBeenPaid. Please take a moment to review this update …

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The Golden Path – Income Booster

For those of you who are not yet in The Golden Path, all I can say is that you’re missing out on the best on-line opportunity to make money we have ever seen. Just after 6 weeks we are now cycling every day and earning every day!!  And this is just the beginning. Take a …

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Struggling to get ahead

Are you Struggling To Get Ahead? Are you frustrated and wondering why you are earning peanuts while the “heavy hitters” are earning all the money easily? Are you disappointed when you market for hours… and nobody signs up? (And the few who do sign up, drop out after a month or two?)