What is The Price of Gold Today?

When you are looking at the price of gold you need to be aware the gold comes in lots of different forms and each different type of gold has its own unique characteristics and its own gold price. For example the price of currency grade gold, is very different from the price of gold that …

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Why you need your own Karatbars Gold

Let us ask you a question Do you understand what your money is worth today? Watch this video to help you understand the importance of the diminishing value of your paper currency.   http://youtu.be/F30W3cXfNx4

What is a Karatbar?

Karatbars gold cards are 24-karat Gold Bullion (999.9% currency grade gold) sold in one, 2.5 or 5 gram units that are small enough to be affordable to everyone and can be used as a form of currency exchange for your day to day purchases. There are also a number of collector cards that are made …

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