Why Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki recommend Refferal Marketing

  Have a look at this article that explains why Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommend network marketing and the many benefits the industry has to offer to those that want more from their lives. WhyNetworkMarketing

Pulling together – The Power of Teamwork

What sets a successful organization apart from its competitors? You can bet having a successful team is at the foundation of the answer. Are you putting your team first? Do your team members really understand your overall vision? Do team members know what is expected of them? How can each team member contribute most effectively? …

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Downtimes with online Programs

Recently we have been involved in a number of online programs. All these programs use Payment Processors in one form or another to fund them. Over the last few weeks we have had each of the programs and each of the Payment Processors experience downtime with websites not working. This has led to a number …

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