Sadly, the world lost a beautiful soul when Wayne Dyer passed away at the end of August. He touched so many lives and left an incredible legacy. His work certainly made a significant impact on my life as he did on many others. To celebrate his life, Hay House has discounted his eBooks on Amazon …

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Which Karatbars package do you think should I buy

When people sign up with Karatbars a very common question that we get asked is “which Karatbars package do you think should I buy?” When people ask this I ask them in return “why are you joining Karatbars and what do you want to get out of it?” If you are joining Karatbars to purchase …

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How to stay motivated when you aren’t seeing the results you want

How do you stay motivated when you work on your online business every day but still get no signups? When your business is exciting and you can see it grow you will be more likely to stay motivated.   However, you need to realise that there are 3 stages of marketing as outlined in “Dare …

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Roadblocks to Your Home Based Business Success

When you want to achieve something.. You will face people who say you can’t do it. DO IT ANYWAY You will face discouragement from friends, family, people you respect. DO IT ANYWAY You will face hardships, and difficulties which might cause you to think you can’t do it. DO IT ANYWAY One thing I have …

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Your Attitude makes your life

Everyone knows that your attitude can change how everything happens in your life. Your attitude and your perspective determine how you react to any situation. If you feel like everything is hopeless then you won’t make the effort to try and improve your situation but if you believe your life is good you will see …

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Discover The SECRET To Happiness And Success

We want you to take a second out of your day and imagine something.   … forget all your daily stresses and just STOP for a moment.   Imagine you had the opportunity of a lifetime, where you had the answers to become successful and accomplish your goals.   Wouldn’t that be great?   STOP imagining.

I Have 422 Friends Yet I Am lonely – Look Up

This video is actually a love story, written by Gary Turk, told against the backdrop of the way Social Media has taken over our lives.     It is not a story about not accepting change and the advance of social media, it is a story about keeping the reality of technology in perspective.

Perspective – It Makes You Money

  We are part of a very supportive team and we have created this video on perspective and how important it is to your view on life. For those that have been on our team for some time you will know that we believe your mindset is the most important aspect of your success. If your …

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The Power of Your Perspective

Are you persevering with your dreams or do you just give up when you perceive things as getting too difficult? Too often in today’s world of instant gratification, especially in the online world, people don’t have the staying power needed to build a successful online business. Anything in life that is worthwhile takes time and …

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