Some Diversional Therapy

Just a little bit of a heads up and some diversional therapy while we are waiting for the WCA turbo charged site to kick back in on their pre-launch on November 8. Here is another nice revenue sharing program we have been keeping an eye on, it pay to 5 levels deep, it has an …

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4 Simple Steps to Success in Passive-Type Online Programs

 1) Get in early  2) Get your initial funds out asap  3) Profit from what is left!!  4) Diversify your capital and income…  Join a number of Varied Programs! Never put all your money in one program no matter how good it appears to be.   Visit our website www.freedomwithcashflow/members to see the programs we are currently involved in.

Downtimes with online Programs

Recently we have been involved in a number of online programs. All these programs use Payment Processors in one form or another to fund them. Over the last few weeks we have had each of the programs and each of the Payment Processors experience downtime with websites not working. This has led to a number …

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